A message from Kelly Nicole

It is true that our past never truly goes away. It can be avoided, temporarily covered up, or dealt with and overcame, but it is always with us. It is my belief that each individual’s own will for themselves is to live their best life possible, even with their past and the circumstances they’ve been given. Everyone seeks happiness; everyone seeks love.

It is through my powerful coaching system that I have been fortunate enough to help unlimited people overcome their suffering, self-hatred, misery and shame and find a life full of freedom, happiness, peace, love and contentment. It is watching YOUR  transformations take place that keeps me inspired to show more people what has worked for me and what is working for others. This is why I live to inspire and serve you. I do it because it works.

I believe that:

    • Being an adult child of an alcoholic is NOT your fault
    • You don’t deserve to remain a victim
    • You are capable of overcoming this
    • You WILL be happy one day
    • One day, your daily habits will NOT revolve around your parents’ habits and hangups
    • You are a good person
    • I can show you how to work through your pain to achieve peace, happiness and contentment in your life.

About Kelly Nicole

A defining moment in my life happened in 2007. I had finally hit rock bottom and I was depressed, heartbroken, anxiety-stricken, financially broke and dependent on others. The relationship I was in ended, after many dysfunctional years, and it was all I could do to pick up the pieces and function on a daily basis. I felt helpless, unworthy of love and thought I would never be truly happy. I thought of myself as scarred; a ruined human being who didn’t even deserve the love from her own alcoholic mother. I was a mess of ruined goods and I lived in a deep grave of bad decisions I had made.

I overcame this situation by believing myself to be a victor rather than a victim. I went to hours of counseling, tried al anon, read numerous books and attended weekend workshops. I was willing to do ANYTHING it took to overcome the tough obstacles that were ahead of me.

As I started to put the practices I was learning into play, I started seeing EXTREME results in my behavior, attitude, and personal life. I started to attract loving people into my life and even found forgiveness for those who had done me wrong, including my alcoholic parent.

In less than one short year, eight months to be exact, I had healed myself and had overcome even the most painful parts of my past.

And then, when God knew I was ready, I attracted the love of my life. I met my now husband eight months after starting my ACOA recovery journey. Here we are below with our sweet dogs in our beautiful home:

Kelly Nicole Coaching Adult Child of Alcoholic Coaching ACOA

As I started to work on me, I noticed I wasn’t the only one struggling with the symptoms, side effects and characteristics of being an Adult Child of an Alcoholic (ACOA). I wasn’t the only one ruining relationships with my hateful, needy, codependent habits. Or sabotaging my own happiness because I didn’t feel like I deserved to be happy. I started meeting Adult Children who had issues with over-eating, hoarding and spending money out of control. I wanted to help heal them just as I healed myself.

As a result, I’ve dedicated the rest of my career to helping Adult Children of Alcoholics overcome their past so they can live a life full of peace, happiness, LOVE and contentment.

If you’d like to work with me directly, please email me at Kelly@kellynicolecoaching.com. I look forward to helping you transform your life, too!

Sweet notes from Kelly’s previous clients

Kelly Nicole is the friend you want to have, the companion that you seek, and the coach you dream of working with.

She is genuine, intuitive and inspired to help others improve their lives.

She knows firsthand what it is like to overcome obstacles, and she can show you how to do it too. She can connect with you where your pain is affecting your life and she can uplift you when your world seems miserable and overwhelming. Kelly Nicole is the solution to every adult child of an alcoholic’s problem.

Kelly Nicole first experienced the power of mentorship at a very early age. She remembers looking up to her then mentor and aspiring to be as impactful to others as her mentor was to her. She started serving as a mentor in her community and started witnessing the impact she was having on others.

“Several years ago I found myself in an abusive, controlling and manipulative relationship. Kelly was there every step of the way during every fight, incident and tribulation.

It was her caring, sincere and honest support that made me strong
enough to get through it. It was a very difficult time, but eventually I was able to end the abusive relationship and move away which is where I met a new amazing man that is now my husband.

I could not have gotten through that time without Kelly on my side. Now, Kelly gives me marital advice whenever I ask. Her insight and perspective in every situation has helped me to strengthen my marriage and friendships with others. She is a blessing.”
-Lovingly, Amanda

Kelly Nicole is living proof of what it looks like to work through your issues and come out better than you were before. She enjoys her life like she believes everyone should and gives credit to her ability to work through the pain to achieve the peace and contentment she now has in the present. Her hope is that you will find the courage within yourself to work through your pain (too) and achieve the level of peace and happiness you have always wanted.

“Leave the pain in the past, no matter how hard it is.” -Kelly Nicole

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