A little over a year ago, Kelly Nicole helped me through the darkest and most trying time of my life.  I felt so alone until I turned to her for comfort and reassurance. Our phone conversations were often the only moments of clarity and peace in my day, and they helped me see life beyond heartache. Kelly Nicole is an amazing listener and her guidance truly comes from the heart. Anytime I need her, she is always there. No questions asked, just a pure and selfless individual.  Kelly tells the truth and not just what you want to hear. She is very private and trustworthy. The impact of her mentorship will be everlasting. Kelly is definitely someone whom I would recommend to listen to your story and help coach you through life’s struggles and speed bumps.


Several years ago I found myself in an abusive, controlling and manipulative relationship. Kelly was there every step of the way during every fight, incident and tribulation. It was her caring, sincere and honest support that made me strong enough to get through it. It was a very difficult time, but eventually I was able to end the abusive relationship and move away which is where I met a new amazing man that is now my husband. I could not have gotten through that time without Kelly on my side. Now, Kelly gives me marital advice whenever I ask. Her insight and perspective in every situation has helped me to strengthen my marriage and friendships with others. She is a blessing.

-Lovingly, Amanda

The help I have received from Kelly has made a huge difference for me and the way I feel. It is helping me overcome the struggles I have dealt with for years. It is helping me cope with the issues I lived with for so long and it has helped me to start turning my life around. I will definitely continue with the help and support I have found here. Thank you so much!


Having a working relationship with Kelly Nicole has completely transformed my thinking about my past. I used to think having an alcoholic mother was a secret I had to bear, having no idea just how much it was affecting my present relationships. After coaching and consulting with her I was able to set her skills and tools into action in my everyday life. I am happy to say that my life has never been better! She has changed me for the better, my future is so much brighter and I am forever grateful for that! -Abbe
I believe the main thing Kelly Nicole has helped me with most is to realize my perspective is not the only perspective. She helps me to view and understand all the sides of the story, not just how I view things.  She is a great listener and really let’s me get all of my feelings out. I feel very confident discussing personal things with Kelly because not only is she professional, but also very trusting and understanding.


With a passion for her work and compassion for her clients, Kelly Nicole will help you see life in a different perspective.  She focuses on the positive in every situation and shows you that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  You can trust her with your most painful experience and she will guide you to see the brighter more productive side of your situation and how to embrace it. I know this because she has been there for me and she can be there for you!


In the 10 years that I have known Kelly I have come to realize that she has one of those rare personalities that likes to take on a task and not stop until it’s completed. She uses this trait with her client’s and doesn’t rest until her clients are peaceful and relaxed. She has always been there to help guide the people around her (including me) through life’s journey. I think it is only natural that Kelly is reaching out and helping others all over the world.


Kelly Nicole is a bright, hard-working professional with the experience and skills it takes to help individuals work through a troubled past and into a balanced future. If you are seeking life-changing advice from someone who has been in similar shoes, check out Kelly Nicole’s services and let the change begin!


Kelly’s vision is to reach out and help adult children of alcoholics who have struggled to get control of their lives. She offers specific strategies that have proved helpful. Kelly’s positive outlook, energy, and can-do determination are reflected in all she does. Her compassion and generous spirit make it all possible.